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Picnic Spots Near Delhi

Day Picnic Around Delhi

Kingfisher Adventure Retreat Gurgaon Botanix Nature Resort (Damdama Lake)
Surjivan Resort Manesar (Gurgaon) Water Banks Island Resort Damdama Lake
Club Platinum Resort (Bhadurgarh) Magsons Resort (Vrindavan Country Club)
Wet’n’Wild Resort Gurgaon Camp Wild Dhauj
Shiva Oasis Resort Behror

 We also provide details about Package rates, Accommodation, Cost, and Tariff of Tourist Places around Delhi for weekend getaways or day picnic or overnight stay in states around Delhi.

Team Building


  • Meditation
  • Spider Web
  • Burma Bridge
  • Cliff Jump
  • Nature Walk
  • Rappelling
  • Trust Fall

Corporate Team Building Games

Decide on a Team Name and a War Cry. Each Game will have points for the first, second, third. Please fill in the Names of the Participants in the attached sheets and Handover to your Team Coordinator. Each game will have 50 points for the first, 30 for the second and 10 for the third, each team will have ONE joker which they can play on any game and win double the points if they win that game.

1. Tie the Ribbon- Full Team –

Each team will be given specific color ribbon and they have to tie them up within the given time duration. Team with the longest ribbon will win.

2. Pass the Water – Full Team

Members from team will sit in a row with glasses and they have to pass the water to the other member who is sitting behind, the water is to be passed over the head in to the glass of the other team member. A bucket would be placed in the end of the row, the team who fills the maximum water in the bucket in the given time wins.

3. Race Medley – 4 Contestants

(i) Spoon & Lemon: Participants have to reach the other end with spoon along with the lemon without falling the lemon down.

(ii) Three leg Race: – The classic picnic race game. Have everyone line up in twos and tie one of their legs to their partners. Then start the race and see who can travel the fastest to a finish line.

(iii) Relay Lock Race- Each person from a team selects a partner. They stand back to back and lock arms by the elbows while holding their own stomach with their hands. Team which reaches the finishing line first, wins.

4. Tug Of War – Full Team

Team will play tug of war.

5. Blind balls- 2 Contestants

The team directs two of their members who are blindfolded to collect the maximum no of balls into the bucket.

6. Mummies:

Two contestants have to wrap the Third neatly with a toilet roll to make a

mummy like structure in 1.5 min. The team who wraps the maximum in the

Given time is winner.

7. Queen Sheeba: Teams are given a list of say 10 items (such as nail paint, a pair of sports shoes, medicine, Rs.1000 note etc.) with a time limit. The team which collects max. no. of items wins.

8. Shoe GameHave everyone take off their shoes and put them in a pile in the middle of the Room/ Lawn. Mix the shoes up. See which group can find their shoes and put them on first. When they have their shoes on the team done first must sit on the floor.

9. BURSTING BALLOONS: The balloon is tied to the justify leg of players of rival teams. The object of the game is to burst a rival’s balloon with the right leg saving your own balloon.

10. Longest Line: In this game, the participants are grouped together into teams, with teams consisting of both males and females. The goal is to be able to create the longest line using the discarded clothing of the participants within the given time. Naturally the team with the longest line, not to mention with the people with the least bit of clothes on, gets to be the winning team.

11. Paper fashion Show: Teams are given a heap of News papers along with scissors & tape. Two volunteers of each team have to be dressed up with dresses made up of Newspapers. The team most well dressed wins.

12. Balloon Tower–

The couples are given Balloons & scotch Tape and in the given 5 minutes they have to create a tower of balloons. The highest tower wins.

13. Sponge bucket-

Two buckets are given to each team, one empty & one filled with water. With the help of sponge pieces, Couple has to squeeze water into the empty bucket. In 2 minutes, the team who fills maximum amount of water wins.

Team Outing: - We provide team outing activities for all destinations like Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon near or around Delhi. Team-Building activities refers to a wide range of activities, presented to businesses, schools, sports teams, Corporate group, religious or nonprofit organizations designed for improving team performance. Team-building exercises consist of a variety of tasks designed to develop group members and their ability to work together effectively. Purpose of team outing – to encourage team members to spend time together- to team development activities -designed to help individuals discover how they approach a problem, how the team works together, and discover better methods of communication.

Fun And Adventure Day Out: – We provide all types of Fun activity along with Adventure activity for day outing for all destination like Delhi, Gurgaon , Noida, near or around Delhi. Fun & Adventure Day outing is basically design for that type of tourist or visitor who wants to returns home on the same day. Fun & Adventure Day out are cost effective as well time-saving. So its attract large no. of Corporate & family group.

Day Picnic Near Delhi

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