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Picnic Spots Near Delhi

Day Picnic Around Delhi

Kingfisher Adventure Retreat Gurgaon Botanix Nature Resort (Damdama Lake)
Turtle Farm Resort Manesar Water Banks Island Resort Damdama Lake
Club Platinum Resort (Bhadurgarh) Magsons Resort (Vrindavan Country Club)
Surjivan Resort Manesar (Gurgaon) Camp Wild Dhauj

Have a Great Time Enjoying a Picnic in Delhi

During the recent times people spend a complete busy schedule and thus forget to have some nice time with family. I remember those days when we used to pack up our bags and rush to long holidays with our family during summer and winter vacations. But with kids getting busier with home works, tuitions and projects and office work keeping you on your toes all throughout the week, holidaying seems a dream. But when things got too boring for us, we decided to pack our bags and go out. Yes, we went on a day picnic near Delhi. Over there we saw many families like us out there enjoying with family or corporate groups spending a day picnic Around Delhi, Gurgaon.

 Spend Quality Time With Family

With a wide range of picnic spots around Delhi ncr, you can just spend some quality time with your family leaving behind all those deadlines, school home work and projects and traffic woes. I can guarantee that you will never regret coming to these picnic spots and your weekend will vanish in a jiffy with so much to do and so much to see all around Delhi Gurgaon. There you can have a wide range of activities like indoor games, sightseeing and outdoor recreations which will rejuvenate you and ensure that your weekend holiday turns out to be truly memorable. I could see the children jumping with joy to find things they rarely get in cities.

Planning for a Corporate Picnic

Too much of work and no recreation is not good for teamwork. Since every office or corporate group is a team and the members need bonding and appreciation as incentives to work well, corporate picnics are getting popular. It is a good opportunity to make your team refreshed with some amount of time in the lap of nature and luxury. These picnic spots can provide facilities for 30-100 or more people and even organize team building activities, events and celebrations. There are many Picnic resorts in Delhi NCR Gurgaon, Noida

Activities, Fun and Lots More

Treat yourself to a series of activities and fun while living in the comfortable locations where you can find everything from swimming pool to relax you and gym to energize you. Since Delhi is near the Aravalli Hills in Gurgaon, you can go for a tour of the breathtaking locales from most of the picnic spots near Gurgaon. Believe me the splendid landscape will steal your heart away. Nothing can be better for a weekend trip and that too within 15 to 20 kilometers from Delhi. You do not have to worry about breakfast, lunch and snacks; it does not matter whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian. If you are adventurous enough you can try out things like rock climbing, dirt biking, para sailing, enjoying the hot air balloons. Children can get engaged in overnight camps, adventure and science camps and educational camps. This can be quite interesting and different for them than the usual shopping malls and game parlors.

Finally, you can experience how beautiful the family picnic spots in Gurgaon are that comes out with all the charms. We have given details about picnic places, Resorts near Delhi in Gurgaon, Noida.

Team Building


  • Meditation
  • Spider Web
  • Burma Bridge
  • Cliff Jump
  • Nature Walk
  • Rappelling
  • Trust Fall

Corporate Team Building Games

Decide on a Team Name and a War Cry. Each Game will have points for the first, second, third. Please fill in the Names of the Participants in the attached sheets and Handover to your Team Coordinator. Each game will have 50 points for the first, 30 for the second and 10 for the third, each team will have ONE joker which they can play on any game and win double the points if they win that game.

  1. Tie the Ribbon- Full Team –

Each team will be given specific color ribbon and they have to tie them up within the given time duration. Team with the longest ribbon will win.

  1. Pass the Water – Full Team

Members from team will sit in a row with glasses and they have to pass the water to the other member who is sitting behind, the water is to be passed over the head in to the glass of the other team member. A bucket would be placed in the end of the row, the team who fills the maximum water in the bucket in the given time wins.

  1. Race Medley – 4 Contestants

(i) Spoon & Lemon: Participants have to reach the other end with spoon along with the lemon without falling the lemon down.

(ii) Three leg Race: – The classic picnic race game. Have everyone line up in twos and tie one of their legs to their partners. Then start the race and see who can travel the fastest to a finish line.

(iii) Relay Lock Race- Each person from a team selects a partner. They stand back to back and lock arms by the elbows while holding their own stomach with their hands. Team which reaches the finishing line first, wins.

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